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 This is my kind of book! The mystery starts on page one.  Then it’s surprise after surprise, with lots of twists and turns—and chilling suspense. —R. L. Stine, best-selling author of the Goosebumps series. Maggie is a friendly and thoughtful narrator with a sharply logical mind; readers will appreciate her intellect and bravery, and applaud her success. – Publishers Weekly
Set in a recognizable Brooklyn neighborhood, Girl's Best Friend clips the reader onto a touching, funny story-leash that twists and turns; dogs, their humans, twins of all ages, old friends and even apartments are not what they seem at first. At least, not always... Margolis leaves you wanting to look twice at every familiar gesture and setting. —Blue Balliett, award-winning author of Chasing Vermeer and The Calder Game. Maggie Brooklyn is a smart, funny, capable detective, and a real kid. Sequel, please. —Adam Rex, best-selling author of Fat Vampire and The True Meaning of Smekday
…While the well-crafted mysteries are foremost, it's the relatable, witty protagonist that makes this novel stand out…. When this dog walker turned detective returns, she'll be welcome.--The Horn Book. What better cover for a detective than a neighborhood dog-walker? Especially when the case that needs cracking involves missing pets. Leslie Margolis has found the perfect mix—a city story, a tween story, and a mystery that truly keeps you guessing. —Gordon Korman, best-selling author of The 39 Clues: The Emperor's Code and Framed.