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Ivy’s always been way into old clothes and she’s got this whole reverse-snobbery attitude about it.  She prides herself on finding cool vintage stuff at used-clothing stores and stoop sales and even online.  And it is a skill.  Just, I don’t know why she thinks this makes her better than other people.  Everyone has something they’re good at.  And for me, it’s not fashion.  But so what?  “I’m not stupid.” 

“I know.  I’m just telling you.  It was an emergency.  The dress-display was adorable, but I had Kermit so – ”
I cut her off.  “Did you wash your hands really well after you cleaned up after him?”


“I’m just saying.  Dogs carry all types of icky diseases.”  I did my best imitation of her.  I couldn’t help myself.

“Okay, fine.”  She rolled her eyes.  “I’m sorry, okay?  It was just a joke.”

“Well, you forgot to make it funny.”

“Oh, who cares?  No one heard.”

“Everyone heard!”

“Everyone?” she raised her eyebrows, all condescending.  “I seriously doubt that.”

“Everyone in the Pizza Den.  Milo, for instance.”  I didn’t want to harp on this, but couldn’t help it.  His name just slipped out.

“Well, at least no one good heard.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Milo’s a dork.  He doesn’t count.”

I started to object but stopped myself.  Milo was so much more than a dork, but maybe it’s better if Ivy thought of him that way.  There’d be less competition.  Plus, I didn’t want her knowing I liked him. 

“Wait a second.”  Ivy smiled like she could read my mind.   “You like him.”


“Milo.  It’s obvious.”  She clapped and said, “Ha!  That’s so typical.”

“I don’t like him,” I said, but couldn’t meet her gaze.  “And what do you mean by typical?”

“Just that he’s totally your type – tall, skinny, floppy haired.  All quiet so you never know what he’s thinking.  I guess he’s not hideous but he definitely needs a wardrobe update.  Have you noticed that sweater he always wears?  The one with the big hole?”